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At Gallagher Funeral Services we want to help you create a funeral or memorial that is completely right for you, at the same time doesn’t cost you more than is absolutely necessary.

With our help and support you can expect to create a meaningful and relevant farewell, something you can be proud of; whether it’s a simple, modest reflection or a vibrant celebration to reflect the life of the person you once knew.

When  your loved one dies,

Funerals are often carried out to conventions that have built up over years and which follow a fairly standard format.

Their final moments

Their funeral

Their final resting place

What If ?

what if these traditions don’t reflect the person who died?

What if you want greater involvement in your loved ones final send-off?

What if it could just be done differently?

Well it can. You can,

There are some rules, but not many.

Funeral Options & Prices

Whichever type of funeral you choose as your local independent funeral director we’ll make sure you understand exactly what is or isn’t possible, we’ll support you in your choices and we’ll help to ensure that those last days are both meaningful and memorable.

Below we have provided you with some information regarding our funeral options & prices. When we meet, we can help you put any ideas that you might have into creating a truly memorable service.

Direct Cremation Funeral £1300

A Direct Cremation separates the cremation from the funeral ceremony. Giving you the freedom to hold a memorial or celebration of life wherever, whenever and however you choose.

Traditional Affordable Cremation £2100

This affordable cremation service offers families the opportunity of having a Traditional affordable funeral service, without compromising on the care and attention given to either you or your loved one.

Traditional Affordable Burial £3500

This affordable Burial service offers families the opportunity of having a Traditional affordable funeral service, without compromising on the care and attention given to either you or your loved one.

Individual and Unique Funerals £1200 plus third party costs

If you are looking for a truly personalised funeral, then our bespoke & Unique funeral service is for you. This option allows you to personalise every aspect of your loved one’s funeral.

Our Bespoke & Unique option puts you in control of every detail. We can create a funeral that reflects a life filled with memories, personality and importance.

You are in control of the design, you’re also in control of the cost too. Personalised doesn’t have to mean expensive.

Veterans Funeral Services £1,800

We believe that everyone who has served in the Armed Forces and Merchant Navy, including National Service and Reservists should be able to have a ceremonial funeral that reflects their service to the Country if they so wish.
We will make all the arrangements for you to have a ceremonial funeral according to your wishes.

Our Help With Home Funerals £700

A traditional home funeral usually means that the family care for the body at their home for a period of time before the burial or cremation. It’s totally family-led.

Many people who’ve chosen a home funeral believe that it provides both a healing experience and a sense of control over a situation which has essentially been thrust upon them; this in turn helps them to come to terms with their grief.

It can encompass all aspects of arranging the funeral- from care of the body to transport, paperwork, arranging the service and making or purchasing a coffin

Children's Funeral Service £0.00 for our services

There is no right or wrong way to have a funeral for your child. The only way, is your way. You may want to have a service in church with your family and friends around you, or alternatively you may prefer to have just a quiet service held at home or the crematorium or graveside with a minister or celebrant leading the service.

Speak with Gallagher Funeral Services to ensure that your loved one has the funeral that they deserve at a price that you can afford

Out Of Hours Collection

An out-of-hours fee of £200 will apply if collection of the person who has died is urgent.(excludes Individual & Unique Funerals)
Out-of-hours are: Between 4:00 pm and 10:00 am on weekdays. Weekends between 4:00 pm on a Friday and 10:00 am on a Monday. Bank holidays between 4:00 pm on a Friday and 10:00 am on a Tuesday.


Payment can be made by credit or debit card, cheque, cash or online bank transfer. Due to the level of disbursements (payments to crematoria or cemeteries) that have to be paid quickly, we always request their payment in advance, before the cremation or burial has taken place. We also ask that our Direct funeral options are paid in full at time of arrangement