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At Gallagher Funeral Services we want to help you create a funeral or memorial that is completely right for you,

At the same time doesn’t cost you more than is necessary.

With our help and support you can expect to create a meaningful and relevant farewell,

Something you can be proud of; whether it’s a simple, modest reflection or a vibrant celebration to reflect the life of the person you once knew.

When  your loved one dies,

Funerals are often carried out to conventions that have built up over years and which follow a fairly standard format.

Their final moments

Their funeral

Their final resting place

What If?

what if these traditions don’t reflect the person who died?

What if you want greater involvement in your loved one’s final send-off?

What if it could just be done differently?

Well, it can. You can,

Quality Funerals at Affordable Prices

Whichever type of funeral you choose as your local independent funeral director we’ll make sure you understand exactly what is or isn’t possible,

we’ll support you in your choices and we’ll help to ensure that those last days are both meaningful and memorable.

We try to keep things as simple as possible whilst remaining flexible.

We’re very transparent about what things cost and can work to any budget.

Funeral Package Options

Funeral Package Options –

Additional services may be added at our standard fees.

There is no reduction to the package price for services not required or not used.

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Speak with Gallagher Funeral Services to ensure that your loved one has the funeral that they deserve at a price that you can afford