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Our philosophy is to provide the best funeral service, the most personal attention, and the highest possible degree of professionalism to each family who allows us the privilege of serving them.

Advice and Help

  • Advice on all aspects of end of life planning
  • Step-by-step guide available on our web site
  • Guidance on the legal aspects of burial and cremation
  • Providing information on local bereavement support organisations

Forms and Documentation

  • We will help with registering the death
  • We will liaise with the Coroner where necessary
  • We will help you completion the forms and legal documents


  • Arranging visits to see your loved one in our private chapels of rest
  • We will accompany you when you visit your loved one if required
  • Have personal effects in the viewing room or some music playing,

Service Sheets and Announcements

  • We will help with wording and placing announcements in the press 
  • We will place your loved ones funeral details on our obituaries page
  • We can provide Orders of Service, Attendance Cards, Memorial Cards,
    Thank you cards and Bookmarks;
  • We will compile, proof-check, deliver your service Stationary


  • Traditional style coffins 
    With a huge variety of different styles, colours and materials available to choose from
  • Natural coffins 
    These can be made from a variety of materials, Wicker, bamboo, banana and willow. They can be natural or coloured.
  • Cardboard coffins 
    Chose from plain or a bespoke design with photographs, skylines, flowers or football club logos.
  • Wool coffins 
    These offer a softer coffin alternative and are suitable for any type of burial or cremation
  • Shrouds 
    These can be plain or decorative, white or coloured.

Memorials and Masonry

  • We will provide advice on all aspects of memorials and masonry

Funeral Ceremony Arrangements

  • We will take care of all the arrangements needed for a funeral
  • We will book the crematorium or cemetery, and the celebrant
  • Leading and coordinating the ceremony and guiding mourners
  • We will be with you from the moment you contact us to the day of the funeral.


  • We will arrange catering at a local venue following the funeral.
  • We will arrange catering at a home venue following the funeral.
  • We will arrange catering with local hotels following the funeral.

Flowers and Donations

  • We will advise on floral tribute
  • We will  help with donations
  • We will create an on line donation page

Vehicles and staff

  • For the funeral we will provide a modern motor hearse, and liveried staff.
  • We can provide something a little bit different, include vintage hearses, coloured hearses, buses
  • We also offer horse-drawn and motorcycle hearses
  • You can travel in a modern limousine to and from the service.

Ash caskets, urns and memorial jewellery

  • For the home
    Ash caskets and decorative urns specifically designed for keeping at home.
  • Interment & Burial
    A variety of urns  using natural materials such as plant fibre, paper, bamboo, sea-grass, wood, clay and wool.
  • To Scatter 
    Simply designed to hold cremated remains to enable you to scatter them in a location of your choice.
  • For the Garden
    The natural materials blend into the garden and often become a living feature, also living memorials; flowers and saplings which can be planted in memory of a loved one.
  • Water soluble urn
    These can be in decorative shapes such as turtles or water-lillies. They are placed in water and will slowly dissolve leaving the cremated remains behind
  • For Keepsakes
    These intricately made keepsakes come in a variety of styles and designs. Each one holds a small amount of your loved one’s ashes and are ideal for sharing and displaying. 
  • Memorial Jewellery
    We can create a unique piece of memorial jewellery to wear and help keep loved ones close.

Everything You Need In One

Life is full of opportunities to show someone we love them. One such opportunity is the funeral or memorial service. Such a loving event celebrates the choices they made, the relationship you shared, and honours the memory of your loved one.

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Our Family Looking After Yours