Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation £1300

Includes All Necessary Disbursements

This service includes everything you would expect for a Direct Cremation.

Crematorium Fees

Doctors Fees

Funeral Vehicle

Simple Coffin

Our Simple Direct Cremation Includes

What is Included in Our Direct Cremation

  • We will Collect Your Loved One*
  • Will will care for and dress your loved one in a gown to match the interior of our ‘Simple Coffin
  • We will make all necessary arrangements for a dignified funeral
  • We will Pay all the necessary disbursements on your behalf
  • You will have the personal attention of one of the business owners at all times.
  • Strewing of the cremated remains within the grounds of the crematorium
  • We will Provide a funeral vehicle to one of our network of crematoria (not your local crematorium) at a time we choose with no funeral service included

What additional services can I choose?

  • Floral Tribute
  • An alternative cremated remains urn
  • Memorial keepsake
  • Return of the cremated remains to you
  • Help in the organisation of a separate memorial celebration

What isn’t included in our Direct Cremation

  • Embalming
  • Viewing the deceased
  • A funeral service or celebration at the crematorium
  • Following the funeral vehicle in cortege to the crematorium
  • Mourners at the crematorium
  • An alternative coffin choice

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Direct Cremation right for my loved one?

If you are looking for a cremation service that is simple, ensures everything necessary takes place without the costs of a full funeral service – then yes, it is.

A direct cremation separates the cremation from the funeral ceremony.

The ashes can be  returned to you, giving you the freedom to hold a memorial or celebration of life wherever, whenever and however you choose.

Almost anything is possible.

How does our Direct Cremations work?

Without the need for a formal ceremony, we will ensure a dignified cremation takes place at a time and location chosen by us. We can then arrange the safe return of the ashes back to you.
Our direct cremation process is clear, straightforward and respectful and we will support you every step of the way.

Can I view my loved one at the chapel of rest?

It is not possible to view your loved one at our chapel of rest

Can I follow the hearse to the crematorium?

There is no procession, hearse or limousines. We use our private ambulance for this services.

Are mourners allowed at the crematorium?

Sadly families can not attend this service. If you wish to attend the service take a look at our simple affordable cremation

Can I choose the date, time and crematorium the service will take place?

The cremation will take place at a time and date chosen by us. We will use one of our network of crematoriums and not your local one

Is this a communal cremation?

Definitely not. In the UK each person is cremated individually and we always provide a certificate confirming the identity of each set of remains

Please Note

Our normal working hours are

10:00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and Bank Holidays.

Our out of hours removal fee is £200.00

Our Direct Cremation must be paid in full at time of arranging the funeral.


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