Funeral Costs Explained

How Much Does A Funeral Cost

Families are often overwhelmed as to how much a funeral will cost.

This is why we have put our prices on our websites

So you can make an informed decision to the kind of funeral you would really like to have.

A pre set package or a bespoke option you will know how much you have to pay.

Let us guide you in creating a meaningful ceremony in memory of your loved one.

That ceremony can be : simple or elaborate, traditional or unique.

 Together, we’ll design the perfect memorial or funeral service for your loved one.

How we Work Out Your Bespoke Funeral Costs

The total cost for your bespoke funeral service will be made up of:-

Funeral Directors Fees

These are the costs for time spent with you arranging the service and the coordinating and directing of the funeral on the day. The transfer and care of your loved one and simple preparation. The hearse and necessary staff on the day of the service

Ancillary Charges

These vary from funeral to funeral and are dependent on choices you make during the arrangement. These include coffin choice, Limousines , Catering, newspaper notices, condolence stationery, flower selection, memorial items, keepsakes or ashes urns.

Third Party Fees

These are the payments that we make on your behalf to third parties, such as the crematorium fee, cemetery fee, church fee, doctors fee for cremation certificates and celebrant / minister fees

How We Work Out Our Set Funeral Packages

The total cost of our set funeral packages are made up:-

Funeral Package Fees

These are the charges under the control of the Funeral Director. These include all our fees for providing the services necessary to care for the family and the person who has died, making the arrangements for the cremation / cemetery fees, ministers’ fees, doctors’ fees, The Provision of a modern hearse to convey your loved one to the service venue

Additional Charges

These are fees that we will pay out on your behalf.
Examples of these include, Limousines on the day of the service, death notices in the newspaper, flowers, catering, church fees, purchase of a grave if required.

You may wish to purchase any of the above, which we will pay for initially, and these will then be included in the final funeral account.

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